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Dynamics of Corporate America & Innovation

The Dynamics of Corporate America and Innovation provides a concise and comprehensive review of business types and ownerships, emphasizes strategies to sustain business operations; describes the place of technology in business, evaluates innovation management in corporate America, and describes the signifi cance of the global supply chain. This text compliments many years of academic research work. This book serves as a resource for business professionals, college students, managers, organizational leaders, professors, and educators alike. Recent changes in corporate America, the revolving door syndrome, and the urge of technocrats are redefining business and management.
Chapter 1 introduces the dynamics of corporate America and addresses the nature of the business structure. Chapter 2, presents elements of business ownership in corporate America. Chapter 3 introduces the nature of innovation. Chapter 4 introduces global supply chain; Chapter 5 introduces elements of information technology and Information Systems. Chapter 6 presents business and strategic management in corporate America, while Chapter 7 presents the summary or conclusion. The glossary section helps to explain some of the business jargon used in the chapters of the book. The aim was to make it a straightforward and easy read.

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