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Employees or Independent Contractors (Part 1)

Employees or Independent Contractors (Part 1)

When you start a business, you need to make careful consideration if you should hire employees of independent contractors. Taking advantage of consulting services that are available to you helps make this decision a lot easier.

To help you out, Macro Resource, Inc. is going to talk about both options in a two-part article, so be sure to stay tuned. Right now, we will be discussing hiring employees and the conditions that need to be met before you post a job opportunity online.

You should hire an employee if:

  • The work needs to be done under your supervision
  • If this is a long-term need, such as creating products and shipping them
  • If you want to control the hours of work and the materials used by the worker
  • This work is essential to your business. For example, your HR personnel is essential, while MD Bookkeepers/Accounting Services may not be.

Besides these, you also need to consider if you can afford to hire an employee and how many employees you can have. Business consulting in Maryland can help you map out your finances to see how you’re doing money-wise.

You also need to think about the laws and regulations you need to comply with if you are to hire employees. You will have to comply with tax requirements, as well as paying half of your employee’s FICA taxes. There are a lot of unfamiliar words, but they can be explained through our MD tax consulting.

You may be feeling confused, but that’s why our consulting firm in Parkville, Maryland, exists. We will be happy to answer all business-related questions you may have. Just dial 443-980-7151.

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