Tax Services Code Price
Individual 1040 A1 $150.00
Any Tax Schedule(s)(A, B, C, D, E) A2 $250
S-Corporation Form 1132S B1 $450
Form 990 B2 $300
C-Corporation Form 1120 B3 $450
Trust Tax Returns Trust 1041 B4 $565
Estate Tax Returns Estate 1041 B5 $565
Gift Tax B6 $350
Partnership Tax Returns Form 1065 B7 $449.99
501(C)3 NPO/NGO B8 $390.99
Consulting Services Code Price
QuickBooks Reconciliation BE $250-350
QuickBooks Annual Closing QT $150/hour
Monthly Bookkeeping BK $250
QuickBooks Training QT $250
Small Business Set-ups SB $500
IRS Representation Form 2848 IR $250/hour
Wage Garnishment WG $250/hour
IRS Arbitration IA $250/hour
Representation Letter RL $250/hour
Government Contracts GC Per Contract
Financial Services Financial Literacy By (Signing Only) Price

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